Terms & Conditions

What are covered by these Terms and Conditions? HEI corporation (“HEI”) provides a service (“the service”) for estimating and predicting the state of health (SOH) of electric vehicle (EV) battery. These Terms and Conditions covers how to use the service, what you as the service user can expect from the service, your rights and responsibilities, your relationship with HEI, and advice for better use of the service. If you use the service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Hence, HEI highly advise you to read through and understand these Terms and Conditions before using the service. The application of Terms and Conditions 1. These Terms and Conditions shall take precedence with respect to the service. 2. These Terms and Conditions may be revised with the scope of relevant laws and regulations if a reasonable cause occurs. If revision is made, the effective date and justification for the revision shall be specified and notified through the smartphone app from 15 days before the effective date to 1 month after the effective date. 3. The revised Terms and Conditions take effect from the date specified in the addendum, and HEI waits for the opinions of members on the revision until the effective date after the announcement of the revision. If you continue to use the service without expressing your intention to refuse during the period, you are deemed to have agreed to the revision. 4. If you do not agree to the revision, you may suspend the use of the service or cancel the service. 5. Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall follow if stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, otherwise it will follow general practice. Application for the service membership 1. If you own an EV or family of EV owner (or executives and employees of corporate-owned EV) can apply for the service membership as long as you hold a valid driver’s license and have insurance for the EV. 2. If you hold a valid driver's license and are renting (or leasing) or plan to rent (or lease) an EV, you can apply for the membership. 3. If you want to apply for the service membership, you first need to download and install a smartphone application (“the app”) provided by HEI, because the application is processed on the app. 4. Application for the service membership is valid only with your real name, and an identity verification will be processed correspondingly, on the app. 5. Application for the service membership by stealing someone else's name will be disqualified and may be subject to punishment in accordance with related laws. 6. If your information is changed, you must immediately revise the member information with the changed contents, and HEI is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not modifying the changes. Cancellation of the service 1. If you want to cancel the service, you must request the service cancellation directly on the app. 2. Your personal information of the member will be destroyed immediately on the cancellation of the service. However, if prior consent has been obtained from you or if there is a need to preserve it in accordance with relevant laws, it will be retained for a certain period of time. For more details on this, please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’. Use and protection of personal information Your personal information is used and protected as described in our ‘Privacy Policy’. You can find it from www.thinkhei.com/privacy-policy. Notifications 1. Essential information necessary for the service including advertising information may be notified to the service member through the app, SMS, or e-mail. 2. Promotions and ads, with the consent of the service member, can be provided to the service member through the app, SMS, or e-mail. Prerequisites for the service 1. The service estimates and predicts the SOH of EV battery by analyzing the data generated during EV charge. Therefore, in order to use the service effectively, HEI must be able to continuously collect the corresponding EV’s charge data. 2. For this purpose, HEI offers two methods: using an adapter for measuring charging data, provided by HEI (“HEI-Adapter”), or charging at a charging station, operated by a charging network which cooperates with HEI for the service( “HEI-compatible charging network”). Members who use the service usually need to top up through one of these two methods. 3. If it is unavoidably difficult to use the above two methods, as a temporary practice, if the member can directly input the amount of charge into the app, the minimum requirements for service provision can be satisfied, and when charging the next time, one of the two methods If you use one, the quality of service is maintained. However, if such a case is frequent, the quality of service (i.e., the accuracy of SOH estimation and prediction) will gradually deteriorate. 4. Even if neither the above two methods nor temporary practices are implemented, the quality of the service will not be seriously reduced right away. However, it will cause irreversible damage to the service quality somewhat, even in minute details. Hence, if such a case occurs several times, the quality of service will seriously deteriorate. Advice on EV charge, for better service quality 1. As long as the prerequisites above are satisfied, members are ready to receive the the service. 2. However, the following practices are recommended on EV charge, to keep high quality of the service. 1)Initial charge: After purchasing a new electric vehicle, it is recommended to, at least once during the first 5 charges, to start charging when the state of charge (SOC) is less than 10 and finish charging when SOC is greater than 90% (a full charge is better). If this can be accomplished in the first charge, it will be the best. Please be aware that members may face totally discharged battery while trying to discharge the battery in order to make a condition of less than 10% of SOC. 2)Interval: It is recommended to allow a reasonable time interval between charges rather than charging too frequently, but no more than a week. 3)The amount of charge per charging: The more you charge per charging, the better the service quality is. It is recommended to charge more than 60% of the battery’s charge capacity, at least every 5 charges. 4)Our advice based on the above charging practices may be notified to members through app messages, needed. Cautions on the use of HEI-adapter 1. HEI-adapter is not a prerequisite for the service if charge is made at a partner charging station on a regular basis 2. However, members can expect better service quality with the use of HEI-adapter as more accurate charging data can be collected through the HEI-adaptor's high-performance sensor. 3. As HEI-adapters operate with high voltage and high current, they may cause potentially very dangerous situation if used incorrectly. For more details, please refer to the user manual enclosed with the purchase of HEI-adapter. Data communication fee 1. During the service, data communication occurs between the member’s smartphone and HEI server. The resultant data communication fee is borne by the member in accordance with the contract with the member’s phone service provider. 2. The services may contain advertisements. Additional costs incurred by viewing the advertisements are also borne by the member. 3. HEI will not stop making efforts to reduce the size of data communication and, hence, minimize data communication fees borne by members. Members’ responsibilities HEI is doing its best to make the service convenient, useful, and safe for members to use. To this end, we earnestly request that members observe the following. 1. During sign-up, you must not provide false information. In particular, impersonation not only seriously deteriorates the quality of the service but may also result in punishment according to related laws. 2. Posts that pose a direct and obvious physical threat to others, posts that encourage or recommend self-harm or suicide of others, posts that reveal other people’s personal information, personal information, etc., posts that consistently harass or harass, offer, solicit, induce, or coerce prostitution, and posts that pose a direct and serious threat to public safety may be restricted. 3. Posts that have confirmed direct risks related to crime, such as performing an act prohibited by relevant laws or criminal punishment, or aiding or abetting it, and articles or services prohibited by relevant laws and regulations Posts that contain publicity, advertisement, or sale content, or that are found to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, or infringe on the rights of others, such as insults, invasion of privacy, or defamation, may be restricted. 4. Posts with content that may cause sexual shame or distorted sexual consciousness, such as depicting provocative and explicit sexual acts, posts with violent and provocative content that may cause cruelty or disgust to others; Posts that deceive others, such as impersonating someone other than yourself or claiming false information, or postings that cause severe disgust or discomfort by repeatedly using excessive swear words and profanity may be restricted. 5. Posts posted by abnormally using the functions of the service, such as using automated means, or postings with content inconsistent with the purpose of providing the service, cause inconvenience to other users in the normal use of the service and lower the quality of the service. Therefore, it may also be limited. 6. It is prohibited to use the service in a way that is not consistent with the purpose of providing the service or attempt any action to neutralize technical measures to prevent abusing (abuse) of the service. 7. It is prohibited to insert various contents or files composed of signs, texts, voices, sounds, pictures, photos, videos, links, etc. in the advertising area or other areas provided through the service without consent. 8. It is prohibited to copy or modify the service or the software contained therein, and sell, transfer, lend, pledge, or allow others to use it. Reverse engineering, attempting to extract source code, duplicating, disassembling, imitating, or otherwise modifying the software included in the service is also prohibited. In addition, uploading viruses or other malicious code or abnormally using the service function for the purpose of interfering with the smooth operation of the service is also prohibited. HEI’s responsibilities 1. HEI applies the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions equally without discriminatory treatment to specific persons. 2.HEI is committed to continuous efforts to maintain and improve the quality of our services. 3. HEI makes every effort to protect members' personal information. For details, please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’. 4. HEI operates a window to receive complaints and suggestions from members. Claims for Damages and Disclaimer 1. HEI compensates for damages in accordance with relevant laws and regulations if a member suffers damage due to our intention or negligence in using the service. However, HEI is not responsible for any damage caused by the service inability due to irresistible situations such as a natural disaster or a force majeure equivalent thereto, or the user's intention or negligence to use the service. 2. Even if the above provisions do not apply, HEI shall not be liable for special or indirect damages or other punitive damages that are not normally foreseeable or due to special circumstances, unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws and regulations. 3. HEI will not be liable for any damage caused by the exchange of opinions or transactions between members through the service or between members and non-members, or damage caused by trusting content such as posts posted on the service without HEI’s approval, unless there are special circumstances. Governing law and settling disputes 1. These Terms and Conditions shall be written in Korean and shall be interpreted in accordance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Korea. 2. In the event of a dispute over matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions or regarding the interpretation of the Terms, it is first resolved by mutual agreement between the member and HEI or in accordance with general commercial practices. Addendum These Terms and Conditions are effective from June 1, 2022.